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And so it begins... #vanlife

I finally got this blog set up and just on time for my current project: A cross-country trip from Maine to California which will take two months to complete. During this trip, I expect to have touched 19 states (no, I am not following a straight line).

It all started with the pandemic. Covid-19 came to challenge us in very unexpected ways. I was blessed with the opportunity to work from home however supporting my son in his asynchronous learning required serious changes in our routines and priorities which led me to make tough decisions. I gave up my awesome job as project manager, sold our house in Massachusetts, bought an #intestate19 (camper/van), and prepared for the adventure of our lives.

Inside our Interstate 19

In 2021, we've been traveling all the East Coast while doing homeschooling. Our van has everything needed from bed, to kitchen, to TV, to bathroom. It comes with A/C and heating! To see it in detail, check out this Youtube video (not mine though).

I travel with my son and my dog, a westie named Snowflake. #vanlife totally rocks!

My experience as a blogger is null, nada, zero but I have faith that something good will come out of this trip and I want you to have a front seat to see how God guides us in this adventure. Stay tuned to hear about the locations visited, the fun, the drama, and my own lessons learned in #landscapephotography.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear about your own dream road-trip, where would you go? or if you already took such road-trip (good for you!!), which was your favorite memory? Comment below.

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