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Journey into photography - Start here

Did you just buy a camera or are planning to get one so you can take awesome photos in your upcoming trip or maybe of your first born? Whatever the reason is you are looking to learn photography now, read on and let the fun begin!

I bet you are eager to star shooting. I too was anxious to get my "Ansel moment". It didn't take too long before I felt somewhat overwhelmed with all the options and the wealth of articles, videos, online classes, out there. Where to start? What equipment to buy? How to use the settings? Where to go shooting? How to create an impactful photo? How to display my finished product? and so on.

In this series, I am going to provide you with a simple framework based on my own lessons learned which you can use to jump start your own journey.

It always starts with the WHAT. Before we can discuss a process, it is important that you have a good idea of what your desired output is. For today, here's your homework:

#1 Determine what genre of photography are you most interested in. Portraits, Travel, Architecture, Landscape, events? It is ok if you are still undecided as the basic concepts apply the same, however you will start noticing that some techniques and/or equipment are more relevant to specific genres. The more specific you are, the more focus your learning can be and, potentially, the sooner you'll see results.

#2 Search up photographers known for their work in your desired genre. Identify and study a few that you like. What do you like about them? What is in the image that draws you in? check out their website, some might offer free tutorials!

#3 Start practicing now! Do not wait until a special occasion arises because it could be too late. If you already bought the camera, grab that manual and get familiar with the basic buttons what do they do and where they are located, specially the focus and the zoom. Go out and take photos of anything (your dog, your garden, your car). Get comfortable behind the camera... oh! and get used to see the scene through the viewfinder!

Finally, leave a comment with your preferred genre and/or a favorite photographer! Let's see how interest vary across the board.

In the next article, I'll illustrate some of the most popular composition techniques using my own images with remarks of my thought process. Make sure you follow me to get updates of new content!


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