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Mt Katahdin, ME

Mt Katahdin is the highest mountain in Maine, it is located inside the Baxter State Park. My plan didn't include climbing to the top but I was eager to hike one of the multiple trails, maybe chase a few waterfalls, even refreshing in one of the lakes.

I made reservations at a campground near the south entrance, in Millinocket, ME. When we arrived, temps were in the mid 90's, hot and humid! I am so glad we had A/C in the van for a good night sleep

Well, the bad news is that Baxter State Park has some peculiar rules such as: vehicles cannot be taller than 9' (I'm out as my van is 9' 6"). Also, no pets are allowed. even if left inside the car. Ok. change of plans.

The campground manager suggested the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and on we go to catch the sunset at the overlook.

It was a fun and bumpy drive, first we were greeted with a view of the mountain, a teaser of Mt Katahdin. For the next hour or so, we drove through bridges, ponds, trees, and pot holes.

We even got to chase a moose!

Funny fact, when spotted, moose will continue on the road for a bit, then stop briefly and look back at us, like saying "are you still there?" then go on for another bit and stop again "are you chasing me?" to then disappear behind the wall of trees.

We reached the overlook just on time for the sunset. Right in front of us was Mt Katahdin, as seen in the picture at the top of this page. And to the left are the lakes, picture below. Any way you look at it, the view is fantastic!

This area has little light pollution, making it ideal for stargazing. I wanted to stay to catch a glimpse of the milky way but flies where killing us even though we had sprayed plenty repellent, plus there were many clouds in the forecast so it was not worth being eaten alive by these bugs. Additionally, my son was tired and the bumpy drive back would make it hard for him to sleep.

At the campground, I got a tip of another view which is just behind the gate at the park. It is not a long hike (ideal for my son). The park ranger came to greet us and gave me another one tip for a hike along the lake until he realized we had a dog. Anyways, we were welcomed to walk (without dog) behind the building. I can confirm the tip, the view was amazing, I sat there for a while just soaking in the moment. Maybe next time I can go up there.

Sunset over Mt Katahdin



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